About NIC Development

The Network Information Center is sub department of Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology (MCIT) that support Internet Resources ( IPv4, IPv6 address allocation and .mm ccTLD domain name registration) through technical coordination in service region. Myanmar Network Information Center was established in February 2012 by Information and Technology Department in the Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) under MCIT . MMNIC is responsible for providing Internet resources in an effective and reliable manner to enhance .mm domain names registration and use the IP address.


November, 2011
Migration mm nameserver hosted in RIPE with IPv6 address. IANA database has updated with IPv4/IPv6 address.
October, 2011
Deployed dnssec (secondary level ccTLD)
April, 2014
APNIC Focus Group meeting

Our Activity

Our Activity is to provide global Internet resources and related services management for registrants. We welcome any feedback on our services to improve you better and to bring your unique domain with .mm to the world.



The Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), is the sole provider of telecommunication services in Myanmar. It is a Government Internet Service Provider under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.